JUKE Aluminum EDC Knuck Self Defense Strike Tool

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Juke. Small, easy to carry ring style EDC knuck  is for self defense, tactical, safety, or as a strike tool. Machined of 6061 aluminum, designed to fit on the finger comfortably.  Finger hole is 7/8” wide. Available in width of  .3” thin, 5” medium and .7” thick.  Offset shape allows it to be used closed fisted with an exposed hard surface. Or open palmed to slap against the bony area of a would be attacker. The grip is also effective with the heavy side palmed when applied to a pressure point on the body to subdue an individual. Simple design, solid aluminum, easy to carry for an added layer of protection. Each comes with removable wrist strap / lanyard.

Available in anodized and powder coated in colors. Measures 2" across. Width or thickness  in  .3",   .5", or  .7" .